We are a small yet mighty woman-owned vegan bakery in the DC area

About Wilma Bakes Cakes

Wilma Bakes Cakes is a small but mighty woman-owned vegan bakery whipping up delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and more. We offer a variety of creative flavors and can customize orders for special occasions. Most items can be made gluten-free upon request. 

Officially launched in March 2020, we've been baking sweet vegan delights for several decades, most often for friends and family. Soon, as word spread like melted vegan butter, strangers starting calling me to place orders for their upcoming celebrations. Interest continued to rise, so when the pandemic hit in 2020 and people asked me deliver care packages to friends and co-workers, we knew it was time to put our business plan in motion. 


Yes, Wilma is my dog! For the sake of full disclosure, Wilma doesn't actually bake cakes, but she is my inspiration, my joy, and my constant cheerleader. 

Wilma and I met on Valentine's Day at the Prince George's County Animal Shelter in 2014. At that time, I wasn't sure if I was ready to adopt another dog, and I certainly wasn't planning to adopt one on the day I visited the shelter. But in that moment, Wilma's sweet smile was too much to resist and she of course found her way into my home and my heart.

She has been with me every step of the way as I've seeded this start-up bakery, always there to cheer me on (which often looks like napping in the hallway). So naturally, when brainstorming company names, she persuaded me to give her proper credit. The vote was unanimous, and Wilma Bakes Cakes was born. 



Robin & Wilma

Wilma Bakes Cakes was founded by Robin Walker initially as a side project to fulfill her love of baking and soon grew into an established business as her customers kept posting positive reviews, coming back for more, and recommending us to their friends and family. Robin first started experimenting with vegan baking in her 20's around the time she decided to go vegan and realized she still wanted to indulge in delicious chocolate chip cookies but made without eggs or milk. So she got to work on developing her own recipe and accidentally discovered her passion!  

Working in the animal protection movement for most of her professional career Robin continued to bake,  hone her skills, and create many new recipes along the way.   Bringing her baked goods into the office, to various events, and making cakes for friends and family, she’s had many willing samplers, vegans and non-vegans alike, to help her perfect her recipes.  

Wilma Bakes Cakes strives to offer the very best customer service and the highest quality treats to our customers and friends.  In addition to our menu, we also aim to fill special custom orders upon request. We offer pick-up or delivery in the DMV for all items and can ship our care packages nationwide.